Practice public speaking in the virtual space.

An AI-Powered Virtual Reality Application


1% of the total population who suffer from a neurological disorder called stuttering often find social scenarios stressful. VRbal was created with a mission to make practicing for these scenarios easier with artificial intelligence in virtual reality.


Artificial Intelligence



The AI agent enables a virtual environment that adapts to the user’s needs as training progresses. It collects users' feedback and to customize the training for them, allowing a socially safe and optimized learning experience that can build communication skills.

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Multiple Difficulty Levels

There are several built-in difficulty levels within VRbal, allowing users to practice with different types of environment, noise levels and numbers of audience based on their levels of comfort.




Relaxation Scenes

Before each level, users can pick a relaxation scene to practice challenging words or vowels or just relax. These scenes are customized based on their preferences and comfort levels.

Do you want to practice deep breathing or vowels pronunciation?






An alumni from School of Visual Arts, Yuka worked with the Yahoo! JAPAN, she also established a guideline for icons. Last summer, she was working as a graphic design intern at UNDP.

Yuka Fukuoka


Olivia has a background in Mathematics, Computer Science, and Psychology. She is now a UX designer and researcher who has worked on multiple client projects related to emerging technologies and accessibility.

Olivia Cabello

Ray Luo.jpg

Ray optimizes the Machine Learning algorithms, creates video narratives and web pages to attract audience and investors. Ray is currently a second year graduate student at Parsons School of Design.

Ray LC


Chanel is a creative technologist whose focus is on mixed reality and design for social impact. She will be graduating from Parsons School of Design with an MFA in Design & Technology.

Chanel Luu Hai


Jullia is an experienced learning designer with expertise in developing diverse experiences for various purposes. She has worked with a wide range of audiences, including luxury hotel customers, adult corporate learners, and primary school children. 

Jullia Suhyoung Lim